The Brand

We are Simona and Giovanna, two friends with a strong and sometimes "uncomfortable" character, guided by solid values, one of which is friendship.
We are passionate about life and, after years spent behind a desk, we feel the need to fulfill ourselves with a project of our own dedicated to fashion, because we feel at ease when we are able to express ourselves with what we wear.
The word BABBAY throughout history it has brought with it various meanings, one of many is the representation of an authoritative figure who embodies respect, strength and perseverance.
Our brand is completed by the turtle, which has always been a symbol of tenacity and stubbornness, stylized with simple and essential graphics, a clean, round and at the same time angular brand.
We want to promote a look that makes us feel good and gives us confidence in every situation, even when we feel different, to break the silence and MAKE NOISE.